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How does socially engaged art improve conditions in a particular community?

And what is socially engaged art exactly? Helicon Collaborative has just released Mapping the Landscape of Socially Engaged Art, a new report highlighting the distinct features of artistic practice that works with and for the benefit of communities.

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Helicon sought the insights of artists in Mapping the Landscape of Socially Engaged Art. Similarly, #artmakingchange lifts up the voices of field leaders, highlighting their range of creative practice and inviting their response to Helicon’s research.


The Minute Hand of Social Engagement

What would happen if every young person saw socially engaged artists in their home communities working for social change? What would happen if the interest in social change from art students, art faculty, art schools, and philanthropists in the United States turned toward place-based organizing by supporting long-term initiatives like community land trusts?

Caroline Woolard


How is socially engaged art defined? Which methods or materials are best suited for a given project? Visit the Practices section to learn more